Krystin Larsen

Krystin Larsen strives to bring contagious energy, creativity, and joy to all her dances. She is trained performer and dancer beginning in her elementary years in ballet and choreography to her days on stages and film sets. She began her swing dance career as a youngster in 1999 when she first started teaching swing dance classes after discovering her love of WWII era dances in the strangest of places, a shakespeare workshop. Since then she has been an active scene organizer taking the presidency of her college swing scene, leading swing dance events such as Cumberland Shuffle, and working on the board of Swing Dance Nashville. With eyes on her as a leader, she endeavored further to hone her skills as a dancer, competitor, and performer by traveling the continent in search of great teachers and events. Her successes include: Camp Hollywood, Southern Swing Challenge, Swing-In, Mid-West lindy Fest, Heartland Swing Fest, Lindy Focus, Atlanta Varsity Showdown, and more…

Krystin’s goal as a teacher is to inspire her students to authenticity through music appreciation and study of historic dancers and to inspire her student to find authenticity to self through creativity and joy. She has a genuine interest in her student’s and peer’s progress and enjoyment of the dance. Her Dancing has a dynamic flare that expresses her personality, artistry, and creativity. Sometimes she’s just gotta shake it, and she wants you to get out there and shake it too.

Available for privates, performances, and group lessons.