Class Descriptions

Lindy Hop I

Prerequisite: None
So you’re new to Swing Dancing? This is the perfect place to start. This class series will give you everything you need to get on the dance floor and have a great time! No experience or partner necessary.

Lindy Hop 2

Prerequisite: Lindy Hop I
It looks like you’ve caught the bug and can’t get enough! This will pick up where Lindy Hop I left off. You will learn more cool moves, neat turns, and techniques for taking your dancing to the next level. No partner necessary!

Lindy Hop 3

Recommended Prerequisite: Lindy Hop 1 & 2
Now that you’re feeling confident on the dance floor, it’s time to get into the heart of Lindy Hop! This class will introduce the fundamentals of 8-count Lindy and have you swinging out like the best of them in no time. Get ready to have your socks blown off! No partner necessary.

Lindy Hop 4

Prerequisite: Lindy Hop 3
This class is exactly what you’d expect: even more 8-count Lindy Hop to wet your whistle! This class will give you harder turns, cooler footwork, as well as some classic moves from the 1930s. No partner required.

Continuing Lindy

Prerequisite: Must be competent in all material from Lindy 1-4 or equivalent and receive permission from instructors.
So you have mastered the Lindy series, but are still looking to learn more and perfect your skills? Then Continuing Lindy is perfect for you! This class will focus on intermediate level concepts of swing, with a different focus or theme each month. No partner necessary, but you must be comfortable with the basics of 8-count Lindy to take this class.

Specialty Classes

Prerequisite: None, unless otherwise specified
Specialty class offerings change each month, but each explores different and exciting styles of swing dancing including: St. Louis Shag, Solo Charleston, Balboa, Jam Circles, and more! They are all levels and open to everyone, no partner required.