Class Descriptions

Lindy Hop 1

When you picture swing dancing on the 1930’s-1940’s silver screen you picture lindy hop; that exuberant dance that makes your inner jitterbug’s heart skip a beat. This 4 week progressive class will get you comfortable with various Lindy Hop shapes and footwork and get you to that iconic Swingout. We know you want to swing out; let’s take you there. (No experience or partner required)

Lindy Hop 2:

Lindy Hop 2 will take you to the next level dancing your lindy hop with connection and skill. This progressive class will step up your game from a vanilla basic swing out kinda dance to a rhythmic sprinkles chocolate swirl sundae kinda dance. No sweets included. Just Sweet dancing. (prerequisite: we recommend Lindy 1 at a minimum comfort with triple steps and basic understanding 8 count footwork)

Lindy Hop 3:

A tasty lindy class that is sure to wet any jitterbugs whistle! This class has all the hints of 8 count you are use to and throws in a dash of that 6 count you’ve been practicing on Friday nights. You’ve enjoyed your 8 and 6 count, and you have it “neat”. Let’s learn how to be master mixers together til your 6 and 8 count blend seamlessly together. As we learn to go with the flow of the dance and our partner into the realm of deeper lead/follow connection and musicality. (prerequisite: we recommend Lindy 1 and 2 or at a minimum comfort with triple steps in both 6 count and 8 count patterns)


This 4 week series will teach you how to harness esuberante energy of Charleston in to dance awesomeness. This series takes you back to the 30’s to introduce you to various Charleston shapes and positions from the classic ’30s side car to tandem!

Charleston 2:

This 4 week course will take you to the next level while building on the Charleston movements taught i previous Charleston class. This series introduces new transitions, new moves from tandem, flying Charleston, Charleston swing outs, skills to handle increased tempos, and more!


Birthed in the crowded dance halls and high schools of southern California during the 1930s, this swing dance is known for its close embrace, fancy footwork, and for taking up only a tiny bit of space on the dance floor.  While typically danced to faster swing music, you can dance Balboa at just about every tempo.  This class will focus on teaching you the fundamental patterns and movements of Balboa!

*not all classes are offered at this time.

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