Andrew Rozario

Andrew Rozario’s dance story started pretty late. As a child his parents never put him in dance classes (thanks a lot, dad!). During high school there was a swing dancing resurgence in the films of the 1990s and he fell in love with it, although YouTube and social media hadn’t been invented which made it nearly impossible to pursue. In college he discovered Lindy Hop, but it wasn’t until 2010 that he began studying and dancing in earnest. He feels surprised and humbled to have the opportunity now to teach! Andrew enjoys a good party and tries to bring that fun to the classroom. He believes that a lifelong pursuit of mastering the fundamentals is the core of excellence in swing dancing. He also has a passion for beginners and remembers how frightening it feels to begin dancing. For Andrew, community is the beating heart of why he dances. Friendships and playfulness is what life is all about.