Our Instructors

Swing Dance Nashville is proud to have some of the best swing dance instructors in the entire southeast region teaching classes for us!  Click below to learn more about each of our amazing instructors!

Krystin Larsen

Krystin Larsen strives to bring contagious energy, creativity, and joy to all her dances. She is trained performer and dancer beginning in her elementary years in ballet and choreography to her days on stages and film sets. She began her swing dance career as a youngster in 1999 when she first started teaching swing dance … Continue reading Krystin Larsen

Corey & Susan Manke

Corey and Susan Manke are veterans of the Nashville Swing Dance community and have been dancing Lindy Hop and Balboa since the early 2000’s. While Lindy Hop was their first passion, they soon discovered their true love of Balboa in 2004 fascinated with its connection, rhythms and partnering. They have spent over a decade studying … Continue reading Corey & Susan Manke

Nathan Riedel

What started in 2009 as an effort to impress friends turned into a love of self-discovery and growth. The movement, the music, and (most importantly) the partnership are what Nathan calls “just lovely” – and he loves getting to share these things with everyone he meets. So whether he’s going out of town to get … Continue reading Nathan Riedel

Laurinda Steinmeyer

Laurinda has been swing dancing for over 25 years, teaching and performing for more than 20 of those years. Laurinda feels passionate about strengthening the community and sharing her experience and love for swing dance. Her favorite part of teaching is witnessing that moment when “it clicks”, the Lindy hop bug is caught and there’s … Continue reading Laurinda Steinmeyer

Chad Wrye

Chad Wrye has been a part of the Nashville swing dance community for more than 10 years. During this time, he has participated in workshops and dance events all over the country. While his passions are Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Blues, he also enjoys Balboa and other vintage-era swing dances. In his classes, Chad likes … Continue reading Chad Wrye

Rachel Serkownek

Rachel has been swing dancing since early 2010, and teaching Lindy Hop and Charleston in Nashville since 2014. She dances purely for joy, and as such, she brings high levels of energy and enthusiasm to both the classroom and the social floor. Rachel strives to not only help students understand the mechanics of the moves, … Continue reading Rachel Serkownek