Nick D’Amico

In October of 2011, Nick won a pair of Aris Allens in the costume contest at his college scene’s Halloween dance. He’d only been at it for less than a month, but he decided that since he had these shoes, he might as well stick with this whole swing dancing thing. Six years later and Nick is a student of all things swing. In his heyday, he traveled upwards of 30 weekends a year to dance and to learn about swing dancing and swing music. He served as DJ Coordinator for the Knoxville Swing Dance Association and was a regular in the DJ rotation before Moving to Nashville in August of 2017 and joining the ranks of our fabulous DJ team. The music’s gonna swing. No way around it. Nick’s library of swing music that is sure to bring any swing dancer to their feet with a smile on their face. Nick sees the music as the third partner in the dance, and his goal is to be that partner that you look forward to dancing with again and again.