James Pack

James Pack began dancing as a freshman in college in the year 2010 at the University of Delaware. He is passionate about, well, everything swing, and has a special love for his home scene at UD. He noticed on his first night of dancing that the better you get at swing dancing, the more fun it is, and that has remained true for him ever since, leading to a love for lindy hop and jazz music that continues to grow every day.

At the start of 2016, James quit his job at a corporate law firm in Delaware to find his own path. His search for his own truth to live by has taken him all over the the USA and Europe. While this trip included a lot of soul searching and personal reflection, it also included a lot of swing dancing. James has been dancing, competing, teaching, judging competitions, and DJing in almost every major city from coast to coast in the United States. He also hopped the Atlantic (twice!) to learn from Swedish lindy hop masters at Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden, and to teach workshops and DJ in the cities of Jönköping, Sweden, Bergen, Norway,  and several cities each in the Netherlands and Russia.

All this travel would wear on anyone though, and James knew he needed to put down roots. Of all the places he had been, he always found himself happiest and most at home in Nashville. The friendly and welcoming scene, the enthusiasm of the dancers, the sheer potential of this place inspired him to throw himself completely into building the local dance scene here. You will find him out dancing, teaching, DJing, and generally having the time of his life at almost any swing dance in this city. Just look for the tall, sweaty guy with tattoos, a huge smile on his face, and high-waisted pants.