Our DJs

These are the people who bring you DJed music to dance to week after week!

Looking for PRACTICE MUSIC? Well you’re in luck! Just CLICK HERE for a link to some music to work on all the moves you are learning in class!!


Corey Manke

Corey Manke grew up both listening to and playing swing music through many middle and high school bands. From there, it was a natural transition into swing dancing and DJing. Not only has Corey been a dedicated DJ since 2004, he has also trained many well-known regional swing DJ’s, offered DJ training courses, and has … Continue reading Corey Manke


Camille Maynard

Camille’s appreciation for good dj’ed music cemented when she heard “Mainstreet Blues” by the Red stick ramblers. since then, she started spinning tunes for the memphis dancers, helping to spread the love of good music on the dance floor. Now in Nashville, she likes promoting vintage sets, taking songs she hears on travels to her … Continue reading Camille Maynard


Nick Buttler

I grew up listening to all kinds of jazz music. As a youngster, my grandfather would always play Les Elgart’s “Skyliner” around the dinner table, and in high school I played the saxophone and took scat singing lessons (I still shamelessly scat along to my favorite jazz songs…you might catch me doing it at the … Continue reading Nick Buttler


Joel Walden

Joel Walden got started DJing through his interest in live audio. He’s been running audio boards since high school and is passionate about creating a flawless live sound experience. Having a varied interest in music, of course jazz makes up a large part of his collection. He began DJing in the Summer of 2015 and … Continue reading Joel Walden


Eddie Rutland

After discovering the world of swing dance in 2010, Eddie began actively seeking out every jazz recording he could get his ears on, and still is. Since then he has DJed at many events across the globe including Herrang Swing Dance camp in Sweden, Melbourne Lindy Hop Exchange in Australia, and Lindy Focus in Asheville, … Continue reading Eddie Rutland


Nathan Riedel

Swing dancing is all about the music! Nathan loves to make themed setlists – get ready for Count Basie, gospel jazz, or gypsy swing hour when he starts playing his tunes. Old recordings and new recordings mix and match seamlessly as Nathan takes you on trips down jazz history lane, often ending up right here … Continue reading Nathan Riedel