Our DJs

These are the people who bring you DJed music to dance to week after week!

Looking for PRACTICE MUSIC? Well you’re in luck! Just CLICK HERE for a link to some music to work on all the moves you are learning in class!!


Corey Manke

Not only has Corey been a dedicated DJ since 2004, he has also trained many well-known regional swing DJ’s, offered DJ training courses, mentorships and has also served as the Swing Dance Nashville Music/DJ Coordinator, setting the high music and DJing standards that helped make Nashville a thriving swing dance community. His passion for balboa, … Continue reading Corey Manke

Eddie Rutland

After discovering the world of swing dance in 2010, Eddie began actively seeking out every jazz recording he could get his ears on, and still is. Since then he has DJed at many events across the globe including Herrang Swing Dance camp in Sweden, Melbourne Lindy Hop Exchange in Australia, and Lindy Focus in Asheville, … Continue reading Eddie Rutland

Nathan Riedel

Swing dancing is all about the music! Nathan loves to make themed setlists – get ready for Count Basie, gospel jazz, or gypsy swing hour when he starts playing his tunes. Old recordings and new recordings mix and match seamlessly as Nathan takes you on trips down jazz history lane, often ending up right here … Continue reading Nathan Riedel

Nick D’Amico

In October of 2011, Nick won a pair of Aris Allens in the costume contest at his college scene’s Halloween dance. He’d only been at it for less than a month, but he decided that since he had these shoes, he might as well stick with this whole swing dancing thing. Six years later and … Continue reading Nick D’Amico

Anna Wray

It was Anna’s love of vintage film and music that sparked her passion for dancing, and it was her passion for dancing that set her off on the adventure of becoming a swing DJ. Whether on the dance floor, in the DJ booth, or just walking on the street, Anna strives to add a little … Continue reading Anna Wray

Rachel Serkownek

Rachel takes a very straight-forward approach to DJing swing music. She simply plays whatever would pull her onto the dance floor in that moment. In fact, Rachel can often be seen dancing or singing along to the music even when she’s nestled behind the DJ booth. In her experience, the best DJs can have you … Continue reading Rachel Serkownek