Corey Manke – Music Coordinator

Corey Manke is an internationally known balboa swing dance instructor who started swing dancing in January of 1999. He has continually been a leader in the Nashville swing dance scene since 2001, where he has served our local scene in many capacities over the years (marketing, Board VP, dance instructor, DJ, venue manager and Music Coordinator). Corey is known for his steadfast vision for our local (and regional) scene, high standards and a passion for swing music. You can usually find him behind the DJ booth when he isn’t traveling to teach at National/international level dance events.              

Corey has been a regular swing music DJ in the Nashville scene since 2004. His many years with a musical background playing trombone (where he first fell in love with swing music in 1993), a natural curiosity for the art of DJing and a passion to fulfill Swing Dance Nashville’s mission statement makes him a great choice to be our Music Coordinator.